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Thanks for stopping by Sugar & Spice - Leather & Lace.  I'm Jessica Rabbit...

What makes me me?  That question seems to be such an undertaking to answer.  I am complicated yet simple, outspoken yet introverted, crazy yet responsible.  I love sex, stilettos, coffee, books, and beauty.  I want excitement, adventure, peace, and love.  I am super passionate and loyal to those I love... just don't hurt me or i turn icy.  I have led an interesting life in my 28 years.  I always say I should write a book someday (I'm just not sure if i could remember it all).  I love learning and trying new things and I am a total research fanatic.

My mornings don't start until I have my coffee... and I am notorious for brewing a fresh pot around midnight too, just because it is always a great time to drink coffee.  :-)  I love a good book - and not the kind on an electronic advice.  I like the old-fashioned bound book with pages to turn... it has more character in my opinion.  I love most genres of books... especially erotica.

I love to travel though I haven't done as much as I would like.  The most beautiful place I have ever been is Victoria, British Columbia.  Looking out over the smooth stone beaches you see snow capped mountains in the distance while seals play on the rocks.  It is absolutely breathtaking and the city offers lots of culture.  Savannah, Georgia is another of my favorite spots to get away.  They have amazing little bed and breakfasts and there is plenty to see.  The beautiful buildings, weeping trees, and ghost stories make it a wonderful location.  I dream of someday visiting Australia, Thailand, and the Caribbean Islands.

Some of my quirks:  I love to stand barefoot in the grass... it grounds me.  I love to watch storms.  I have boxed in stilettos in the past.  I'm terrified of heights.  

Things I <3:  

  • laughing until it hurts
  • dancing in the rain
  • stilettos
  • massages & candles
  • leather, lace, & lingerie 
  • sexual adventures ~ trying new things
  • getting love letters
  • books (I have my own library)
  • watching the stars
  • digging my toes in the sand
  • coffee
  • pin-ups
  • fresh flowers
  • tattoos (I have sixteen and counting)

I have the best business... I am a romance consultant for My Pure Pleasure!  I LOVE what I do!  If you want to read more about it, go HERE.  

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