Friday, September 5, 2014

Make It Big!

I wanted to update you all on what is going on here at Omni Lust...

I'm sure you have noticed that posts have been scarce the last few weeks. No need to worry, things are about to pick back up. I have been in the process of switching to another host and redesigning the whole blog. It has been exhausting and exciting! I expect to launch it within the next few days, so get ready.

 Thanks for all of your loyal support!

 XO - Jessica Rabbit

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TMI Tuesday: August 12, 2014


At the TMI Tuesday bar someone walks up to you and utters the following lines, Tell us how you would respond.  (Let me start by saying that I am NOT a fan of pick up lines... but these were fun.)
1. Would you like to fake an orgasm with me tonight?
I'm not going to waste my time getting undressed if I have to fake it... and no one fakes with me, I deliver.
2. Did you just fart because you are blowing me away?
Ugh... gross.  That definitely won't get you laid.
3. You’re hot. I’m ugly. Let’s make average babies. (Would you accept?)
I don't think so...
4. I’d like to kiss you passionately on the lips, then move up to your belly button.
Hmmm... that doesn't sound like such a bad idea.  (This one would warrant a lip bite & grin.)
5. You must work at Subway, ’cause you just gave me a footlong.
I would probably roll my eyes and walk away on this one.
6. You look like a hard worker, I have an opening you can fill.
So you like anal too?
7. I don’t feel good, I think I need a shot of penis-illin.
Poor baby... I'm not packing though.
8. If I told you I worked for UPS, would you let me handle your package?
Bahahaha... only if you are in uniform.
Bonus:  Belly up to the bar. What’s your pleasure? Which one drink would you order and why?
Give me an After Sex... it sounds smooth and relaxing.  A good choice after a long hard day.
Slippery NippleNo one can miss the innuendo in this drink’s name. It is comprised of equal parts Bailey’s Irish Cream and butterscotch schnapps. There are many different drink names that start with ‘Slippery’, most contain either Bailey’s Irish Cream or butterscotch schnapps.
After SexThis drink is made with vodka, crème de bananas, and orange juice.
Leg SpreaderNot for the faint of heart, there is nothing but liquor in this drink. It is made of four equal parts of nothing but alcohol: tequila, vodka, gin, and rum. Proceed with caution!
All Night LongThe inference in this name is probably what most people wish for, but one or two or these will have you passed out on the floor all night long. It contains sweet and sour mix, coconut rum, Kahlua, crème de cacao, and pineapple juice.
Sloe Comfortable ScrewThere are many drinks that play upon the pronunciation of sloe gin—pronounced slow gin. The rest of the name is a pun on all the other ingredients as well, to create a name that is as suggestive as you could want. Sloe gin for ‘slow,’ Southern Comfort for ‘comfortable,’ and orange juice and vodka for ‘screw’—as in a Screwdriver.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

TMI Tuesday: August 5, 2014

sexy times mag tmi

1. You walk into a party full of friends. One of them suddenly and quickly strips down naked. Which area of your naked friend’s body do you check out first?
On a woman, her boobs.  On a man, his stomach.
2. Have you ever masturbated in bed when a platonic friend or relative was sleeping in the same room or bed?
Yes... though it didn't stay platonic after I got caught.
3. When was the first time you had a nocturnal orgasm aka a wet dream?
(Yes women have wet dreams read more…)
I have only ever had one or two wet dreams... I was in my mid-twenties when the first one happened.
4. Have you ever been caught naked by someone?
Too many times to count!  I shed my clothes every chance I get, so it is pretty common.
5. Think of your dearest friend, do you think they are sexy? Why or why not?
Yes... sexy look, sassy attitude, and edgy style.
6. If you had no choice, how many days do you think you could abstain from sex including masturbation?
If I had no choice, then I guess as long as I had to.  I have abstained from all but masturbation for ten months now... though not happily.
Bonus: What gets you wet faster, phone sex or sexting?
Sexting... people seem to be more free in what they say when sexting versus talking.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

TMI Tuesday: July 29, 2014

Sexual Practices

bug sex tmi 7-29-2014
1. How much sex is too much sex? Explain.

Hmmm... I suppose there is such as thing as too much sex.  If you can't maintain your responsibilities because you can't stop having sex long enough, then that would qualify as too much.  The lesson in this:  make time in your busy sex life for normal life tasks (eating, sleeping, showering, etc).

2. According to the Kinsey Institute, 18-29 year olds have sex an average of 112 times per year, 30-39 year olds an average of 86 times per year, and 40-49 year olds an average of 69 times per year (how appropriate!)
a. Which group of averages would you prefer to belong?

The 18-29 year old group!
b. Based on your age (if listed), find your group above. Would you say you are well below, pretty close to or high above your group’s average for having sex per year?

I am in the 18-29 year old group.  Generally I would say that I am high above my group's average.  However, this year I am WAYYYYY below it.  :-/
3. Swinging (defined here)–have you tried it? Will you try it? Do you hope/wish to try it before you die?

I haven't tried it, though I am intrigued by the concept.  I like the idea of swinging.  When I am emotionally involved in a relationship though, I become a greedy bitch.  So I don't mind being shared, but I am not willing to share my partner.  Talk about double standards, huh?
4. What is “having sex”? According to YOU and prior to this TMI Tuesday did you consider:
– Masturbation as having sex? No... though I do sometimes refer to it as sex with myself.
– Performing oral sex as having sex? Depends... I guess.
5. When was the last time you received oral sex?

Over ten months ago was the last time I saw ANY action... separation & divorce is a bitch!
Bonus:  What is it?

Ancient Aztec fertility sculptures...
what is it July 29, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TMI Tuesday: July 22, 2014

Can we talk… relationships?

relationship diagram
1. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you see an attractive person?
I wonder if they can carry on a good conversation... I'm turned on by a connection more than just looks.
2. What is your idea of a dream date? Describe the person and the type of date experience.
This is a tough one.  It would have to be with someone who makes me feel beautiful, keeps a giddy schoolgirl grin on my face, and can carry on an amazing conversation.  We would go out for an amazingly delicious dinner first.  It would be followed by coffee and endless conversation, maybe with a walk around some artsy part of the city.  Simple, yes... corny, probably... on point, absolutely.
3. How many serious relationships have you had? Were you in love?
Four... yes, I loved each of them.  To be honest, they will each forever have a piece of my heart.
4. How many casual sexual relationships have you had?
Considering that I don't usually equate sex with emotion... quite a few over the years.
5. What will ruin a relationship for you?
Dishonesty, cheating, and abuse...
Bonus: What is your definition of sexy?
Sexy is being confident, compassionate, witty, intelligent, and humble... all rolled into one.  Piercing eyes and a killer smile don't hurt either.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy (Review + Giveaway)

The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, 2nd Edition
How to Have Incredible Sex with Role Play, Sex Games,
Erotic Massage, BDSM Play and Much, Much More
Written by: Violet Blue
Foreword by: Dr. Carol Queen, Ph. D.
Published by:  Celis Press
Publishing July 3, 2014, in celebration of Disobedience Day

Everyone has sexual fantasies... but not everyone knows what to do with them.  The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy: How to Have Incredible Sex with Role Play, Sex Games, Erotic Massage, BDSM Play and Much, Much More is a roadmap to use your fantasies to propel your sex life to the next level.   "Fantasies are your own private, personal sex toys" says Violet Blue.

The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy contains twelve chapters, each addressing a different part of fantasy or fetish play.  Violet Blue does an amazing job normalizing sexual fantasies ranging from the common to the disturbing.  By removing the shame from these thoughts, she leaves you feeling sexually empowered and ready to further explore your own fantasies.  One thing that I really like is that it  is written for everyone (straight, gay, man, woman, transgender, single, or coupled).  This book can be enjoyed by sexual novices and veteran kinksters alike.  It is packed with tons of great information, tips, tricks, and ideas.  There are bits of erotica written by Alison Tyler throughout.  An entire chapter at the end is dedicated to resources including books, websites, where to shop for costumes, and safer sex education.  

Discover how to:
  • Change habits & learn new tricks with masturbation
  • Talk to your partner & bring fantasies into your play together
  • Role play without feeling silly (complete with suggestions on costumes, props, & scenarios)
  • Add new people (threesomes, foursomes, or more) 
  • Strip,  talk dirty, and give an erotic massage
  • Play with professionals (strip clubs, peep booths, phone sex, and call girls)
  • Have sex in public
  • Explore S/M fantasies and different types of fetishes
  • Play sex games

I think this is a great book!  Parts of it were super educational and parts had me laughing out loud.  Other parts had me taking a break to masturbate to my own fantasies.  

Exclusive Excerpt:

Want a taste of what The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy is all about?  The nice folks at Cleis Press have provided the following exclusive excerpt for you.

"Fantasy source material can come from a variety of places. Obviously, there’s your own imagination, but for some, hot ideas spring first from real-life sexual experiences. Real-life experiences can provide endless erotic inspiration, yet for many people what really gets the juices flowing (pardon the pun) is experiences we only wish we’d had. What if you had gone home with that stranger? Or really tried to get out of that speeding ticket?

Other ideas come from movies, music videos, porn, TV shows, books, and of course, erotica. And if you’re not single, some of the steamiest ideas will come from your lover.
Remember that if you fantasize about something shocking, like being forced to perform sex, it doesn’t mean that you want it to happen or that you are a bad person. But by identifying your fantasy scenario, you can find a safe space where imagination fuels desire.

By learning how to turn yourself on with fantasy, you can do extraordinary things, like make yourself really aroused and teach yourself new masturbation techniques. Or you can fantasize while your partner goes down on you, and learn to orgasm from the com- bination of oral stimulation plus fantasy. If you have established trust and sexual communication with a part- ner, you can share your fantasies—you can even make some of them come true. And in the following chapters, I’ll tell you exactly how."

From the Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, 2nd Ed., by Violet Blue

About the Author:

Violet Blue is the best-selling author of numerous sex-instruction books;  she also writes about erotica, pornography, and sexual pleasure and health for a number of magazines. She blogs at Tiny Nibbles and created the popular podcast, Open Source Sex.  She lives in San Francisco.

Want to win a copy for yourself?  Enter below... be sure to come back daily for more entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Open only to US residents
  • Must be 18+ 
  • Giveaway will run from July 18th - August 17;  winner will be announced the following week
  • Winner has one week to contact me or another winner will be drawn

Buy your copy on Amazon today!  It is available in paperback and on Kindle.

This post is part of the Ultimate Fantasy Blog tour I was offered to participate in by Cleis Press.

A copy of The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TMI Tuesday: July 15, 2014

Party Fears


Good News: You’ve been invited to party!
Bad News: You have certain concerns. . .

1) Arrival. Are you afraid (a) that you can’t find the address, (b) that you will be early, (c) that you will be late, (d) other?

Definitely A!  I am extremely directionally challenged... meaning that I once ended up in Alabama trying to get home to Atlanta.  Yes, it is bad!
2) Clothing. Are you afraid (a) you will be underdressed, (b) overdressed, (c) dressed for the wrong activity, (d) don’t have items that you need, e.g. swimsuit, (3) other?

C... I am usually in stilettos. This is great in the city, but can prove impractical for outdoor barbecues out here in the country.
3) Drinks. Are you afraid that (a) you will drink too much, (b) that you will drink too little, (c) other people will drink too much, (d) there won’t be anything good that’s non-alcoholic, (e) other?

A... I have been known to overindulge in my alcohol on occasion.
4) Food. Are you afraid that (a) the food will be too new-fangled and trendy, (b) the food will be conventional and boring, (c) there won’t be anything you want to eat, (d) there won’t be any food and you are hungry, (e) other?

E... that there will be yummy food and I will be starving... and I will pig out!
5) Music. Are you afraid that (a) the music will be too loud, (b) there won’t be music or you won’t be able to hear it, (c) the music will be of a new genre you don’t like or can’t understand, (d) the music will be boring oldies, (e) other?

None of it... I love all kinds of music, loud or quiet.
6) Later. Are you afraid that (a) the party will end too soon and it won’t have been worth the trouble, (b) the party will go on too long, (c) other?

A... if I am in the partying mood then I can go all night.
7. Afterward. Are you afraid that (a) you will end up in bed with the wrong person and the sex will be bad, (b) the you will end up in bed with the wrong person and the sex will be great, (c) that you will end up in bed with the right person and there won’t be any sex, (d) that you will end up in bed with the right person who wants sex but you are too tired, (e) other?
A... if I am going to end up in bed with the wrong person, then I at least want mind blowing sex out of the deal!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sensual Sunday: To Be Sensual

A beautiful view on sensuality... 
What does it mean to you 'to be sensual'?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TMI Tuesday: July 8, 2014

Summer Is Here

tmi tuesday art July 8, 2014_text
It’s high summer! Here are some questions about the hot season.
1. Summer clothes are more revealing than winter clothes. What is the skimpiest outfit that you wear out in public?
Short, tight little dresses are the skimpiest these days... and right now that is even a stretch since I just had another baby.
2. What summer outfits turn you on when you see other people wearing them?
For women, I love to see things that are cut low in the back and sexy dresses with stilettos.  For men, I love thin button down shirts with a few buttons left undone... with low hanging jeans, showing that delicious curve in the front...
I am a sucker for these hips... is there a specific word for the definition?
3. Summer is hot! Sex is hot! Do you find that hot summer weather leads to hot summer sex?
Generally, my answer would be yes!  Less clothes equals less hassle to get down to business anytime, anywhere.  
4. It’s summer and oysters are off the menu (or maybe not, see What foods are the
aphrodisiacs of summer?
Chocolate... wine... more chocolate!

5. Summertime is hot and thirsty time. What is your favorite summer drink, alcoholic or not?
Coconut water... I am hooked!  It has to be original flavor though...
6. Two traditional vacation destinations to beat the summer heat are the mountains and the shore. Where do you like to go?
I love the beach... digging my toes in the sand, feeling the breeze on my face, listening to the waves crash on the shore... damn, I need a vacation!
7. Summertime is road trip time. Do you like to go on vacation by car?
I have always been a fan of road trips... if they are spontaneous, they are even better!
8. Summertime is experiment time. What are you going to do this summer that you’ve never done before?
Hmmm... not sure on this one.
9. Summertime can be hazardous. What summer threat do you fear most? Possibilities: bugs, wildlife, heat, lightning…
Snakes and spiders... EWWWW!
10. Summertime is summer fling time. Have you ever had a summertime romance? How far did it go?
Yes... I met him on the beach (where he was working) while I was on vacation.  I moved down to be with him about a month after we met... and we ended up being together for five years...
Bonus: Summertime is Festival time–music, art, seafood, and more. What festivals have you attended or will you attend?
I love attending festivals!  So far this year, I've been to the St. Patty's Festival and Hot Chicken Festival (yes, this does exist)...