Wednesday, June 25, 2014

TMI Tuesday: June 24, 2014

For many areas of the world, this time of year is graduation time at formal institutions of learning. Thus, it is a good time for us to think back about our own education.

School Days

study education tmi
Below is a list of academic fields of study. For as many of these disciplines as possible, share a memory. It could be something that happened in class, an Aha! moment, something about the teacher or something that was helpful later in life.
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1. English
I am a complete English freak... I love to read and like for things to be written correctly in any correspondence.  I suppose I have  my English teachers through the years to thank for this.

2. History
I remember that I enjoyed AP History in high school... though I don't remember what I learned.

3. Foreign Language (French, Spanish, Latin…)
I took two years of Spanish in school... we all cheated, so none of us learned any of it.  I learned much more marrying a Latin man.  And let me just say that I adore being talked dirty to in Spanish!

4. Psychology
I have always loved learning about the mind and why people are the way they are.  I use all of this info all the time...

5. Mathematics
I hate math... and I am sad to report that I don't do most math in my head anymore thanks to my dependency on calculators.

6. Physics
Not interested... never have been.

7. Chemistry
The only chemistry I am interested in has to do with the sparks flying between me and a lover!

8. Biology
Who knows... I don't remember much anymore.

9. Gym
I cried every day in elementary school so I didn't have to go to gym class... needless to say, I'm not at all athletic.
Bonus: Did you have sex education class in school? What grade or age did you have this class? Thinking back on the sex education class what was the most surprising thing you learned? Was this class helpful to you in your sex life?
I'm pretty sure we did NOT have sex ed in school.  I think one of our classes briefly mentioned STDs in high school... maybe freshman year.  Growing up in the country, sex was always a taboo subject or at the very least, one that you got minimal information on.  Looking back, I think if our bodies, sex, and sexual health were more openly taught and discussed, we would have been more likely to explore safely and knowingly instead of fumbling our way through it.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Your Sweet Smelling Pussy

Let me just start by saying that your pussy is perfect!  Now lets talk about how to keep her smelling her best...

Every woman's pussy has a scent.  Scent is normal.  Some women have a lighter scent, others have a stronger scent.  Our lovers often love our scent.

Sometimes our pussy smells a little off and this lets us know that we need to figure out what is going on with our bodies.  Knowing what your own pussy smells like is important so you know what is normal for you.  Since our bodies aren't really made to be able to smell our own scent, just touch yourself and smell your fingers.  By knowing what your healthy scent is, you will be able to know when if you have an infection such as a yeast, bacterial, or STD.   If you experience burning, itching, or an odd smell then you should see your doctor.

The vagina is self cleaning.  This means that you shouldn't try to be too clean by using soaps, perfumes, and douches.  These things wash away the natural bacteria that keeps you healthy and throws off your pH balance.  Don't ever use any products with perfumes or deodorants in your pussy or on your vaginal lips.  This includes tampons, pads, liners, sprays, suppositories, wipes, and soaps.  Always go for the scent free option.  You will smell better in the long run by going simple.

Your outer vaginal lips do need to be washed.  The only vulva wash I recommend is Sliquid Splash.   Splash is made primarily of essential oils, coconut derivatives, and sea salt.  It is free of glycerin, parabens, glycerol, DEA, gluten, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and sulfates.  It is 100% vegan friendly.  It is perfectly balanced to match a woman's pH.  Splash is hypoallergenic, so it is great for those prone to UTIs and yeast infections.  If you can't afford Splash, then just use plain water to wash (no soap).  Not using soap or perfumed body wash will help protect your pussy's delicate pH balance.  Give it a try for 2-3 weeks and you will feel the difference!

Strong, heavily scented, or spiced foods have the potential to change your pussy's smell, according to an Oregon State University study.  Foods such as coffee, onions, garlic, and strong spices might change your scent slightly.  OSU points out that eliminating these foods and eating more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables might result in a milder scent.  Excessive meat, dairy, and alcohol might also change your scent.  Eliminating these foods and adding them back one at a time can help you detect how each type of food affects your pussy's scent.

So what do you do if you're smelling funny down there?  If you notice your scent has changed, you might want to get checked out by your doctor to rule out any infections.  If you notice your lover's scent has changed, then lovingly address the issue.  She may not be aware of her body or her scent, or she may have become immune to it.  Find a positive way to care for her and present the issue.  You might say "You are so freaking sexy but I think you may have an infection.  Would you consider getting it checked out for me?"  Approaching it in a kind and loving way helps her care for herself and shows her you care.

Monday, June 16, 2014

TMI Tuesday: June 17, 2014

Some things to think about

tmi thinking

1. Name something you always carry with you?
My cellphone... doesn't everyone these days?  Also a ponytail holder because I stay so hot all the freaking time!
2. Is there anyone on your mind at the moment? Who? Why?
Not in a good way... Someone who keeps popping up despite my distance.
3. If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
I know it would not be for my grace or amazing singing voice... I hope it would be for always trying to help others.
4. Tell us something new that you learned in the last month?
That just when you think things can't get much crazier, people can go to a whole new level.  No matter how much you think you can change someone or love them to a better them, you just are not that powerful.  You would think I would have learned this years ago, but I don't just make the same mistakes twice... I make them five or six (usually more) times to be sure.  I like to think that my experiences add to my character...
5. What are you pretending not to know? Why?
Hmmm... I'm not telling on this one.  I know all kinds of secrets that I plead the fifth on. 
6. Are you happy with other people’s perception of you?
To be perfectly honest, I don't generally care about other people's perception of me.  Some people think I'm great... others think I'm a total bitch... and plenty just think I'm a kinky bitch with sex on the brain.  I own all of the titles proudly.
7. Are you generally focused on today or tomorrow?
I am a planner, so I am generally focused on tomorrow.  I am trying really hard to be more present in the moment though...

Bonus:  How do you eat Oreos? Which method best matches your Oreo cookie eating style?
a. Pick it up, bite into it.  (Preferably submerged in a glass of milk prior.)
b. Twist it open, eat each half separately
c. Twist it open, eat the frosting, then eat each chocolate cookie half separately.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TMI Tuesday: June 10, 2014

Pick one. You must pick one. You can elaborate on your answer if you want, but you must pick one.
1. Are you male or female or other?  
2. Dog or cat?  
Definitely dog - I am not a cat person, at all.
3. Peanut butter or wasabi peas?  
Peanut butter - I LOVE it!  I eat it by the spoonful straight from the jar.  Mmmm...

4. Group midnight nude swim or ‘mooning‘ strangers?  
I love midnight nude swimming...  it feels sensual and free.  I would swim naked over clothed every time!

5. Sneaker Pimps or IAMX?
I actually like both... if I have to pick just one then I choose IAMX.
6. Bologna or Braunschweiger?
Bologna... fried with mustard on white bread.
7. Vanilla or kinky?
Kinky of course... whips & chains excite me.

8. Rocky road or chocolate ice cream?
I would rather have mint chocolate chip than either... but rocky road if I must choose.
9. Red M&M or green M&M

10. Pepsi or Coke?
Coke for me... though I like Pepsi's ass better!
11. Mini Cooper or Fiat Abarth?
Fiat Abarth

12. Pleasure or pain? Why? Explain yourself please.
It has to be a mix of the two.  I only enjoy the pain if it is with the pleasure.  
Bonus:  Pick one – Participate in the London World Bike Naked Ride or Japan’s Festival of the Steel Phallus affectionately known as Penis Fest properly called Kanamara Matsuri.
Definitely Penis Fest.  Why?  Because I suck at riding a bike (and not in the kinky kind of way).

Monday, June 2, 2014

TMI Tuesday – June 3, 2014

My Life Is A Reality TV Show

The following are real-life American and United Kingdom reality television shows. The questions are based on the premise of the corresponding reality show.
1. (Sex Sent Me To The ER) Did you ever have to seek medical attention for a sex-relation problem (aside from routine care, STDs etc)?
No... luckily I haven't been injured.  There have been a couple of close calls though.
2. (Survivor) Have you ever been stranded anywhere with a group of strangers?
We got stuck in a horrible traffic jam on the interstate... stopped dead in our tracks for hours.  Everyone got out of their cars and made the most of it.  We cranked up the music, busted out the booze, and danced the afternoon away until it was time to move again.  
3. (The Amazing Race) Have you ever had a free-form, play-it-by-ear international trip or done a scavenger hunt whose clues/challenges took you out of your home country or state?
Um, definitely not... do normal people do this in everyday life?
4. (Marriage Boot Camp) Have you ever had group couples therapy? How did that work out?
No... though I can imagine it would not work out well.  I have done marriage counseling before... it didn't work out well either.
5. (Airline) Have you been involved in a contentious situation with any airline personnel. Tell us what happened?
No... I've only flown on three trips. 
6. (What Not To Wear) Have you ever had a complete makeover–hair, fashion/wardrobe, huge weight-loss? Did you do this on your own or did a spouse, friend, significant other encourage the change? Tell us about your transformation.
No... the most drastic transformation I've had was cutting my hair from low on my back to about two inches all over years ago.
7. (How Clean Is Your House?) Have you ever had a guest or relative visit your home and blatantly criticize its cleanliness, orderliness and/or actually clean or rearrange things with or without your permission?
No... I have had people come over and laugh at how much I clean and how everything has to be in it's place.  They thought it was hilarious to turn things just a bit so they were out of place.
Bonus:  What is it? Explain how you would use it.
what is it June 3 2014
This is a portable male masturbation device.  It is great for road trips and long nights working in the garage.  Simply plug the cord into the cigarette lighter for power.  The penis goes into the masturbation sleeve and a button is pushed on the handle for light suction and vibration.  

Live, Love, Lube

Is lube really necessary?  The answer to this might surprise you... YES!  

Using a good lubricant during foreplay, masturbation, intercourse, and toy play makes it all more pleasurable.  Lube cuts down on friction in ways that our own natural lubrication can't.  Without it, you can get microscopic burns and tears, leaving yourself vulnerable to infections.  Everyone should use lube every time as part of their safer sex practices.

Now, don't start stressing that your partner isn't pleased or turned on by what you are doing simply because I suggest using lube.  You see, women are more like ovens, where men are more like microwaves... it takes us longer to get warmed up.  It is a common misconception that how wet a woman is shows how turned on she is.  This is simply not true.  Some women are wet when they aren't aroused at all, while others are relatively dry when they are extremely turned on.  Ovulation, menopause, and medications (especially antihistamines) can all affect how wet a woman is.

So what kind of lube is the right kind?  The answer to that question really depends on the situation.  

Water-based lubricants are the most commonly sought after lubes.  They are completely safe to use with condoms and toys.  The downfall to this type of lube is that it does tend to get absorbed more quickly, leaving it feeling sticky and tacky to the touch.  As a result of this absorption, you will go through a bottle of it faster than other types of lube.  Water-based lube is easily washed off and is generally non-staining.

Silicone-based lubricants are great to use in the shower, pool, or anywhere you want to play in the water.  They are long lasting and concentrated.  Use only a small amount since a little goes a long way.  Unlike water-based lubes, silicone isn't absorbed by your sensitive mucus membranes.

Don't use silicone lube on silicone toys!  Different grades of silicone break each other down and can eat away at surface of your toy (like a silicone cannibal).

Anal lubricants are formulated to be thicker and longer lasting than other lubes.