Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TMI Tuesday: June 10, 2014

Pick one. You must pick one. You can elaborate on your answer if you want, but you must pick one.
1. Are you male or female or other?  
2. Dog or cat?  
Definitely dog - I am not a cat person, at all.
3. Peanut butter or wasabi peas?  
Peanut butter - I LOVE it!  I eat it by the spoonful straight from the jar.  Mmmm...

4. Group midnight nude swim or ‘mooning‘ strangers?  
I love midnight nude swimming...  it feels sensual and free.  I would swim naked over clothed every time!

5. Sneaker Pimps or IAMX?
I actually like both... if I have to pick just one then I choose IAMX.
6. Bologna or Braunschweiger?
Bologna... fried with mustard on white bread.
7. Vanilla or kinky?
Kinky of course... whips & chains excite me.

8. Rocky road or chocolate ice cream?
I would rather have mint chocolate chip than either... but rocky road if I must choose.
9. Red M&M or green M&M

10. Pepsi or Coke?
Coke for me... though I like Pepsi's ass better!
11. Mini Cooper or Fiat Abarth?
Fiat Abarth

12. Pleasure or pain? Why? Explain yourself please.
It has to be a mix of the two.  I only enjoy the pain if it is with the pleasure.  
Bonus:  Pick one – Participate in the London World Bike Naked Ride or Japan’s Festival of the Steel Phallus affectionately known as Penis Fest properly called Kanamara Matsuri.
Definitely Penis Fest.  Why?  Because I suck at riding a bike (and not in the kinky kind of way).

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  1. Peanut butter straight from the jar - the best way :-)

    Happy TMI!