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Host a My Pure Pleasure Party and receive a FREE gift just for hosting, credit of up to 20% of your party sales for a FREE shopping spree and many other exciting rewards!
Hosting a My Pure Pleasure Party is an excellent way to enjoy an evening with friends and earn free rewards for a shopping spree you won't forget. You will laugh, learn, and best of all... our Consultants will show you ways to spice up your love life, rekindle the romance with your partner, ignite your passion, and pamper and love yourself.  You will acquire titallating tips and techniques that will enhance your sex life and improve your romantic relationship for years to come!  Our adult (18+) parties are designed to educate and empower you to "Own Your Sexuality", thus leading to a more satisfying sex life and overall self-confidence.

What takes place at a My Pure Pleasure Party?

Your Consultant will provide a tasteful presentation of spa-quality bath and body products and sensual items specifically created to enhance romance and pleasure in a couples’ relationship. They will create a fun atmosphere and help you and your party guests to loosen up, laugh, have fun, and enjoy an exciting evening they won’t be able to quit talking about.

Your knowledgeable Consultant will share the secrets to sensuality and sexuality while providing information about our products and how they can promote intimacy and communication between couples. Guests will be able to touch, taste, smell and confidentially purchase the products as well as ask questions in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Worried about guests who may be a little bit shy? Don’t be. Our trained Consultants are professional, educational, and entertaining, and all ordering is done individually and is confidential. During each private consultation, guests can ask questions and select the products that are right for them. Young or old, male or female, single or couple, beginner or experienced, we have something for everyone!

Hostess Rewards:

My Pure Pleasure is an industry leader when it comes to Hostess Rewards. We offer a generous reward of up to 20% of party sales in FREE product, the opportunity to earn exclusive Hostess-Only gifts, and many other great items for FREE and/or at an incredible discounted price.
While many companies have their Consultants pay for the Hostess rewards, My Pure Pleasure believes in rewarding you directly. With nothing coming out of the Consultant's pocket, they are very excited to keep on giving...and giving! All you need to qualify is a party totaling $200 in retail sales!
My Pure Pleasure Reward Benefits
  • With a My Pure Pleasure Party, you can spend your FREE Product Credit on products shown at your party, in our catalog, or on our website
  • Hostess Gifts may vary per Consultant
  • FREE items are valued at up to $100 and based on monthly specials
  • Booking Credit for FREE product credit is for qualifying parties booked and held from your party...$5 Credit is the minimum; amount is unlimited that you may earn
  • Hostess Exclusive items you can earn for a qualifying party or purchase for an amazing discounted price
  • In addition to the Rewards offered by My Pure Pleasure, your Independent Consultant may offer additional rewards and incentives
  • *50% off Items and Exclusive Rewards are items that can be chosen from a hand-picked list of products personally selected by the Founder / CEO of My Pure Pleasure, Tammy J. Gellner

Ignite Your Five Senses:

Hearing – You will be educated through a tasteful and fun in-home presentation how sensual items and spa-quality bath and body products are used to enhance your personal self and your romantic relationship.
Sight – You will see first-hand products that were specifically designed for sensual pleasure.
Taste – You will enjoy tasting some of our most popular items and find out how they can spice up your life.
Smell – Throughout his writings, Sigmund Freud made explicit reference to the role of the sense of smell in mental sexuality. When you Host a My Pure Pleasure Party, you will be able to experience this for yourself.
Touch – You will be able to let your fantasies run wild as you touch items from soft feathers to strong vibes.


  • What is a My Pure Pleasure Party? 

    A My Pure Pleasure Party is a free, fun, confidential and educational way to learn about sensual products and tips and techniques to enhance your sex life. One of our trained Pleasure Consultants will bring everything you need for an exciting night of fun. As a Hostess, you will receive free shopping credits for hosting a qualified party. We are happy to customize your party with a theme, a special time, date or location. You must be at least 18 years of age to host a party.
  • Is there a cost to host a party? 

    NO. Hosting a My Pure Pleasure Party is free, fun and educational.
  • What Rewards will I receive? 

    • If your party retail sales are between $200 and $499, you earn 10% of your total retail sales in shopping credits.
    • If your party retail sales are between $500 and $799, you earn 15% of your total retail sales in shopping credits.
      $600 Party Sales = $90 in FREE PRODUCTS!!!
    • If your party retail sales are over $800, YOU EARN 20% of your total retail sales in shopping credits.
      For example, if you host a party that generates $1,000 in retail sales, you would receive a shopping spree of $200!
    • One 1/2 price item for any party over $500, and two 1/2 price items for parties over $1,000 in retail sales.
    • $5 Product Credit Certificate for EACH qualifying party booked and held from your party.
    • Exclusive Hostess-Only Gifts
    • Party Hosting Thank You Gift
    • In addition to the Rewards offered by My Pure Pleasure, your Independent Consultant may offer additional rewards and incentives.

  • What can I spend my rewards on? 

  • With a My Pure Pleasure Party, you can spend your rewards on any products shown at the party, in our catalog, OR most any products on our website.
  • How do you calculate my rewards? 

    • Your rewards will be calculated from the total party sales before your order is placed. Specials or discounted merchandise may not apply.
    • Total party sales are calculated before Sales Tax and Shipping.
    • Hostess Rewards may not be applied to certain sale items.

  • Will my order be confidential? 

    Absolutely! All orders are taken in a separate room, and purchases received on the spot will be placed discreetly in a bag.
  • How do I and my guests receive our Products? 

    My Pure Pleasure will ship items purchased at your party to you in one or two plain brown boxes containing individual sealed bags with each customer's name listed on the outside of the bag to ensure the utmost discretion. Your guests may opt to have their package sent directly to them at an additional nominal cost. Certain luxury and specialty items may be shipped separately at no additional cost to you. If a certain color or size is not in stock or available, you will be notified immediately.
  • Can I book a party for a special occasion? 

    Absolutely! Many people book parties for Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Holidays, Divorce, or a Girls Night. Additional Party Ideas are listed on our website under Host A Party > Party Ideas. Please let your My Pure Pleasure Consultant know what type of party you are planning, and they will make sure your event is a success.
  • Do you offer Co-Ed / Couples' Parties? 

    Yes, My Pure Pleasure is one of the few companies that offer Co-Ed and Couples' Parties. Please discuss your interest of party type with your My Pure Pleasure Consultant.
  • Do you offer Pole Dancing Parties? 

    Some of our Independent Consultants offer Pole Parties. Please discuss your interest of this party type with your Consultant.
    • What happens if I have friends who could not attend the party? Can they still order? 

      YES! Your party will be open to take orders as soon as you schedule your party date. Your party may also remain open for a few days after. Remember, you don't want to keep your party open too long, as your guests will be anxiously awaiting their purchases.
  • I am new to the area or my friends live far away...What can I do? 

    You can hold a Virtual Party! My Pure Pleasure offers a unique type of party called a Virtual Party. You may Host the party completely via the internet, or you may have the Consultant come to your home, give you the presentation, while your guests attend via Skype or a Conference Call. This is an excellent choice for far-away or home-bound friends.
  • Theme Parties:

  • A Theme Party is a great way to add additional excitement to your My Pure Pleasure Party. You can choose from one of our suggested party themes, or get creative and make your own. Discuss your ideas with your Consultant and they will help you with your invitations, menu and drink ideas, and everything else you need for a successful party.

    All you need to do is clue in your guests on how they should dress, what they should bring, and what a great time they're going to have.

    Your trained My Pure Pleasure Consultant will provide the entertainment and education as they guide you and your guests through our product line of bedroom accessories and spa-quality bath and body products.

Don't wait - Book your party today (it's free) and start earning credit for your favorite My Pure Pleasure products! 

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