Monday, June 16, 2014

TMI Tuesday: June 17, 2014

Some things to think about

tmi thinking

1. Name something you always carry with you?
My cellphone... doesn't everyone these days?  Also a ponytail holder because I stay so hot all the freaking time!
2. Is there anyone on your mind at the moment? Who? Why?
Not in a good way... Someone who keeps popping up despite my distance.
3. If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
I know it would not be for my grace or amazing singing voice... I hope it would be for always trying to help others.
4. Tell us something new that you learned in the last month?
That just when you think things can't get much crazier, people can go to a whole new level.  No matter how much you think you can change someone or love them to a better them, you just are not that powerful.  You would think I would have learned this years ago, but I don't just make the same mistakes twice... I make them five or six (usually more) times to be sure.  I like to think that my experiences add to my character...
5. What are you pretending not to know? Why?
Hmmm... I'm not telling on this one.  I know all kinds of secrets that I plead the fifth on. 
6. Are you happy with other people’s perception of you?
To be perfectly honest, I don't generally care about other people's perception of me.  Some people think I'm great... others think I'm a total bitch... and plenty just think I'm a kinky bitch with sex on the brain.  I own all of the titles proudly.
7. Are you generally focused on today or tomorrow?
I am a planner, so I am generally focused on tomorrow.  I am trying really hard to be more present in the moment though...

Bonus:  How do you eat Oreos? Which method best matches your Oreo cookie eating style?
a. Pick it up, bite into it.  (Preferably submerged in a glass of milk prior.)
b. Twist it open, eat each half separately
c. Twist it open, eat the frosting, then eat each chocolate cookie half separately.


  1. Number 1? I am the same way. This long mane keeps me hot! And Oreos in milk are the only way to eat them. :]