Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We-Vibe: The Ultimate Versatile Buzz

How versatile is your vibrator?  I wanted to share a little info about the We-Vibe II to start your day... this is an AMAZING product! It is great for solo play & can be worn while having sex with a partner! 

This vibe is C shaped and fits in the palm of your hand.  It is the first-ever dual vibrator that can be worn while making love. It weighs only 2 ounces, has 9 exciting modes of vibration, and has two ultra-quiet powerful motors at each end. It is hands free, strap free and wireless, and is rechargeable.  The We-Vibe II is created from 100% medical grade silicone that is soft, comfortable and easy to use. It is completely non-porous too, so you don't have to worry about bacteria soaking into the soft surface.  This makes it safe to use vaginally and anally as long as you use an antibacterial toy cleaner to wash it before switching from anal to vaginal use.  The We-Vibe II is Phthalate free as well, meaning it is body safe. 

So just how is this so versatile you ask... let me tell you.  This is a great toy for solo play or any mix of partners, gay or straight.  Here are some of the many ways:

  • Couple's toy during intercourse (vulva & penis or vulva & dildo) - This is what the We-Vibe II was primarily designed for.  The smaller rigid end is worn about 1.5" inside the vagina and sits against the G-spot.  The larger end is worn outside the body and sits against the clitoris.  Your partner's penis, fingers, or a dildo can go inside the vagina, under the vibe - this gives you both a great buzz!  The man's penis gets vibrations on the sensitive tip, the woman's G-spot gets tapped with each thrust, and the clitoris gets hands free vibrations the whole time.  

  • Vibrating penis/dildo ring (all) - To try this, hang the We-Vibe in an upside-down U shape over the base of a penis or dildo.  This provides pleasant vibrations along the base and shaft of the penis and with each thrust, the lips of the vulva are in contact with both vibrating ends.
  • Masturbation & Foreplay (female) - Use the larger end of the vibe as a handle and move the smaller end in and out of the vagina in a stroking motion.  This stimulates the sensitive nerve endings at the opening of the vagina.  The larger end can be used for clitoral massage.  You can also use both ends of the We-Vibe to stimulate the clitoris - one on each side and rub them together or use both ends in a gentle pinching motion to stimulate the inner lips.
  • Masturbation & Foreplay (male) - Using lots of water-based lubricant (try Sliquid), place the We-Vibe on either side of the penis and stroke the penis shaft up and down on your favorite vibration setting.  You can also rub the vibe in a circular motion around or underneath the coronal ridge (the ridge of the head of the penis).
  • Anal toy (all) - This vibe can be used for beginners, as well as the more experienced in anal play.  Using the smaller end of the vibe inside the anus stimulates the many sensitive nerve endings at the opening of the anus (this is true for all genders).  Try moving the toy gently in and out using the larger end as a handle or leave it in place.  For males, the smaller end can be worn inside the anus and the larger end can be placed underneath the balls for a unique vibrating sensation.  
  • Oral sex (female) - For a multitude of sensations, wear the larger end of the vibe inside the vagina and the smaller end inside the anus.  Now all hands and tongues are free to give and receive oral sex!  If you are worried about getting moisture inside the charging port, a condom can be put on top of the larger end.
  • Oral sex (male) - Place the We-Vibe II on either side of the balls - on the low setting.  Now you are ready to receive amazing head!  You can also try this with the smaller end inserted into the anus and the larger end under the balls while receiving head for extra stimulation.
  • Enhanced anal sex (female/male or female solo) - Wear the vibe as described in 'couple's toy during intercourse' - with the smaller end inside the vagina and the larger end on the clitoris.  Now, anal sex can be enjoyed with a penis or a dildo.  If anal sex is with a partner, the penis and balls will feel some of the vibrations too!
  • Under strap-on harness (female) - Wear the vibe as described in 'couple's toy during intercourse' - with the smaller end inside the vagina and the larger end on the clitoris.  Now, your favorite strap-on harness can be worn as normal (leaving the We-Vibe) under the harness.  The harness should still fit almost flush with your pubic mound because of the vibe's low profile.  (Try it with our Bend Over Beginner Set, Bend Over Intermediate Set, or Vibrating 3-Speed Strap On.)
  • Vibrating panties without the panty (female) - Do you want to have vibrating pleasure while out on the town... with no one even knowing?  The We-Vibe is so quiet and sleek that you can wear it with the smaller end inside the vagina and the larger end on the clitoris while out for dinner, the movies... the possibilities are endless!  Make sure the vibe has been charging for a full 24-hours prior in order to get the maximum battery life during your adventure.
  • Double clitoral fun (two females) - This is a great way for two women to spice things up... one vagina and two clitorises at once!  While on the bottom, one partner wears the vibe as described in 'couple's toy during intercourse' - with the smaller end inside the vagina and the larger end on the clitoris.  The other partner straddles on top or facing side by side.  When the clitorises are pressed together with the We-Vibe between, both partners get amazing vibrations.  Try moving back and forth... rotating your hips in small circles... get creative!

Have you tried the We-Vibe II?  What creative ways have you found to use it?

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