Monday, May 19, 2014

TMI Tuesday: May 20, 2014

You are such a character

tmi art monkey in a cage cartoon ep. 6 - you are such a character
1. What is your astrological symbol? Does it fit you?  
I am a Scorpio... and it fits me perfectly!  The more I learn about my sign, the more I think I am the poster child for it's traits.  If I do say so myself, I think I have the best sign there is!
My thoughts exactly...
2. List 3 of the good traits of your astrological symbol to which you can relate.
Highly Sexual, Passionate, Constantly Transforming
3. List 3 of the worst traits of your astrological symbol that you believe do not pertain to you.
Destructive, Hot Tempered, Obsessive
4. What is your Chinese zodiac animal symbol?


5. In Chinese philosophy, The Theory of the Five Elements describes the interaction and relation of natural phenomena. The five elements of wood, fire, Earth, metal and water affect your zodiac sign. Which element are you? 
Earth and Water
Bonus: Briefly tell us something you found interesting about your Chinese zodiac as it pertains to the Five Elements.
My elements represent a conflicting aspect:  Earth can absorb Water, but Water can cover Earth.  Maybe this explains the constant chaos in my life!
Bonus, Bonus: What cartoon/comic character best describes you? Take the short personality test and share your results. Test:
I don't quite agree... but here are my results...
Peter Griffin
You are a family man and you love those close to you, both friends and family. Almost as much as you love your beer and food. You are also a jealous individual and have notoriously bad taste in music, although you can be quite a fine musician under the right circumstances. Your laugh and memory may need a bit of work, as with your stomach region. Nevertheless, you are comfortable with who you are and that is all that really matters.


  1. ha! i literally LOL'd when i saw Peter Griffin. highly sexual, i like that highly. HTMIT :)

  2. Great answers :-)

    Happy TMI!