Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TMI Tuesday: May 6, 2014

How creative are you?

1. Have you ever had an idea for an invention that you thought would be commercially viable?  If I have, then I can't remember what it was.  
2. Visual arts: Do you do any painting or drawing? Are you a photographer? Sculptor? Ceramist/potter? Silversmith or other? Share one of your favorite works with us, post a photo.   I'm not very artistic, but I love taking pictures to capture memories.  

a. Do you write fiction? Poetry?  I haven't written poetry in years.  I mainly write educational posts, so no fiction either.  I have given thought to writing erotica.

b. Do you make up plots, even if you never write them down?  I have always done this!
4. Do you write music? Do you sing or play a musical instrument?  No, I am not at all musically inclined (my radio stations come in fuzzy).
5. Do you write computer programs?  No.  I am just now learning the technical side of blogging.
a. Do you have a hobby that involves making something?  I love being crafty!  I enjoy all kinds of craft projects: attempting to sew, upcycling, baking & cooking.

b. What is the last thing you made?  I baked a neon blue birthday cake for a friend.  It was bright and yummy!
Bonus: What is it? How would you use it? Write a caption.  This is a phallic sculpture of the Hulk, sold exclusively at high end comic book stores.  It is used as home decor and also doubles as a book end.  
Erotic cucumber
Angry Green Girth

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