Wednesday, May 28, 2014

TMI Tuesday: May 27, 2014

Preparing the Body

tmi couple_sex
1. Do you prefer your lover:
A) fresh from the bath and perfumed  ~  This really depends on the situation though!
B) fresh from the bath without perfume  ~  Or this one...
c) clean but not right from the tub or shower ~  And sometimes this one...
d) slightly sweaty (or musky)  ~  Not so much this one unless the sweat is from us fucking currently...
2. Do you maintain your body for sex with respect to facial hair, body hair, pubic hair, fingernails or toenails?
Of course... I stay clean shaven (personal preference) with a pedicure.

3. Do you maintain/prepare according to your lover’s preferences?
No... I maintain for my own preferences.  Though I have tried the landing strip instead of clean shaven before at a lover's request (I'm not good with straight lines though, so it was a difficult task).
4. Do you have body adornments such as piercings or tattoos for sexual reasons? Does your lover?
Prior to having my kids, I had my hood pierced for sexual reasons... I loved it!  Tight jeans and sharp curves were oh so fun.  Also had my nipples pierced.  No current piercings but lots of nonsexual tattoos.  No lover currently for me.  

5. Do you choose any cosmetics, lubes, condoms or other sexually relevant items according to how they taste? Do you not use them because of the taste?
I love my Touch of Honey body dust... and Max Head in Sugar Daddy.  I am not a fan of most flavored lubes, but I do like Sliquid Naturals Swirl.
6. Is there a taste or aroma that turns you on or that you can use to turn on your lover?
I love men's cologne... it is a major turn on for me.  I switch up my perfume but Viva La Juicy is my favorite (I am out currently = sad face).

Bonus: Do you prepare a room for sex–mood music, candles, scent, cleaning it or anything? Tell us about it.

It really depends on the situation... I love spontaneous sex, so no room prep there.  For other times... a clean room, mood music, candles, and sex toys that in easy reach.  Variety is the spice of life!


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