Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Where to Hide Your Sex Toys

Curiosity is a great characteristic... one that encourages learning, exploring, and self-awareness. 

However, this is not the case when it comes to our kids finding our sex toys.  So it only makes sense that we keep these adult playthings hidden and out of reach from curious little hands and inquiring little minds.  

Of course there are the traditional hiding spaces like your panty drawer, nightstand, or under the bed.  But if your kids are anything like mine, these spots are too easy to access.  

Here are a few more creative places to stash your toys:
  • Inside the tissue box next to the bed
  • Inside a vase, obscured by pretty flowers (guessing the flowers would need to be fake)
  • In a purse you don't use regularly
  • Hidden bathroom tile storage (love this idea)
  • Inside tampon box or bag of pads
  • In a cereal box (blame Cosmo for this one)

Still not convinced you have found the right spot to stash your toy box goodies? 

Here are a few more great storage solutions for your toys:

Large Toy Chest - Black
Keep your toys safe from prying eyes with this large lockable trunk. Featuring a black matte finish, sturdy construction and a combination lock you set yourself. Case is 8" tall, 14.5" wide and has an adjustable shelf inside.  Also available in pink.

Plushie Pillow
Stash your sex toys in the soft, plush, petite pillow. For added fun, turn your vibrator on inside the pillow and hug your Plushie Pillow close. Available in Black and Pink.

Sugar Sak
A sexy designer toy bag that will keep your bedroom accessories bacteria free! The Sugar Sak provides you with the protection of Bioshield 75. This invisible coating utilizes exclusive EPA approved patented technology to provide a barrier that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, mildew and viruses in the bag. Available in 2 sizes. Large 7' x 12' and X-Large 9.5' x 12' NOTE: X-Large is shown and the X-Large has an interior pocket.

Toy Chest - Black
A stylish and secure lockable case to keep your private items private. Featuring a matte black finish, sturdy construction and a combination lock you set yourself. Case is 4" tall, 11.5" wide.  Also available in purple.

Tyler Hope Love Bear
The Tyler Hope Love Bear is a cuddly bear that hides your most intimate personal items in the most adorable way. Tyler is 24" tall with soft brown fur and sparkling button eyes. Features an easily accessible opening with a magnetic closure behind the neck where you can stash your toys. A soft drawstring bag is included to hold smaller items.

Sweetheart Surprise Pillow
Our Sweetheart Surprise Pillow makes the perfect 'Hide A Gift' or 'Hide a Vibe' Pillow. What better place to hide your surprise than in a Sexy Red Satin Pillow with Black Fuzzy Trim! This innocent red throw pillow features a discreet zipper that conceals a hidden compartment with white satiny lining to make storing your surprise or your erotic toys a real treat. Pillow measures approximately 9 inches square.

Where are your favorite hiding spots?

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